Birthday Girl

Today marks a special day in our family. My dear daughter, Natalie, turns a whopping 10 years old today! In a way time seems to have flown by, but on the other hand I wondered if we would all make it to today! Raising a girl is hard work, at least from my perspective. I have no other frame of … Continue reading

Mountain Man

My family and I have been on vacation in the mountains of Colorado for several days now. The last time we took a family camping trip to the Mountain State was back in 2008. Shortly after that trip all hell broke loose, it seemed. The real estate market crashed, the country entered a recession … Continue reading

The Music Man

Today I began a new musical adventure: learning to play guitar. I don't know how far I'll go with it, but I'd like to at least learn chords and be able to play a song or two. Or three. Whatever. I can sing, and I can write lyrics, but I'm not proficient in an instrument. I'd like to change that. … Continue reading

An Act of Love

If you follow me on facebookland you already know that our furbaby, Daisy, has a bone tumor. We have a few days left to love on her and to let her know how much we value her as a member of our family. This morning, her son, Roscoe, helped her act of love. He has stuck by her side this … Continue reading